Staycation Vacation


I enjoy when visitors come although my in laws aren’t technically visitors since they have a home right next door to us.  They live in Seattle, so they’re not here all the time.  When they come, we still spend a lot of time doing home/farm stuff, but it also gives us an opportunity to do some exploring and relaxing.  So I took a couple of days off, and started the weekend early.  Wednesday night we saw Wonder Woman.  It was a good movie, but sadly after about 8:30 p.m., I can’t stay awake, good movie or not.  Thursday was spent doing house stuff and lounging by the pool.  Friday, we went up to Hawi and did a small hike (more like walk, it’s 3.5 miles round trip) to see the Mookini heiau and King Kamehameha’s birthplace.  The heiau is pretty spectacular.  It was a hot day, but we were fortunate it was overcast, otherwise it would’ve been very uncomfortable.  Saturday, we went to Kauanoa Beach at Mauna Kea.  It was beautiful, the water was warm, the ocean breezes blowing – it was perfection.  Then we went out to eat at the Fish and Hog, which was great, and then home for an afternoon nap. (okay I was the only one who napped, well me and the cat).  Tonight, we’ll have a campfire.

Why do I write about this?  There is so much to do around the farm, but I didn’t do much, and often times I feel guilty when I don’t take care of chores first.  But sometimes, you have to be the “chore”, you have to take care of you, and just do stuff that you want to do instead of stuff you have to do, or know you should do.  So it was great to just relax and enjoy the beauty of this island and the company of friends and family.  And, I did this without feeling guilty this time.  Okay, maybe just a little guilty, but I’m working on that.


coffee and mulberry scones with a view for breakfast


the pool


evening fire at the pit


Author: Belle Chai

Farm girl wannabe, enjoying life on the Big Island. We have a small five acre farm along the Hamakua coast. While we have a few crops we grow to sell, we are trying to create a self sustaining lifestyle on our little piece of paradise. I set up this blog initially to help me keep track of different things we grow and how well they're doing, but recently decided to go public with it. I enjoy reading other hobby farm sites, and thought sharing our story a little might inspire others as they have inspired me.

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  1. The view is beautiful…and I love your table! I haven’t been getting email notices when you make new blog entries and I have really missed reading about your casa! (What’s the Hawaiian Word?)

    1. Hale is house. If you’re not getting email updates sign up again. I recently upgraded the site. It shouldn’t ave affected notices but it’s the only thing I can think of that may of caused that.

      1. Just now got the email that said you replied to this comment on aug 27 – today is September 8 – but I think I am getting the email notifications when you put up a new post…yay!

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