New Year! Uwe ka lani ola ka honua (when the heavens cry, the earth lives)

We never quite make it awake to personally welcome the New Year in, and this year was no exception.  It ended up raining almost the whole night, with some really heavy episodes.  We awoke to this …


The ground is overly saturated, but more importantly the pool which is normally a turqoisey blue color is brownish green.  That has happened only one other time before when a river of mud flowed into the pool.  This must have happened last night when we were sleeping.  It’s a bit of a mess, but we were planning on draining the pool and repainting the bottom once the weather dried out a little.  Looks like we will be draining the pool sooner rather than later.

Although it’s really overcast, and starting to fog in a bit, it’s kind of nice and cozy in the house.  My daughter is home and we’ve done a little “spring” cleaning getting ready for the new year.

Because of all the extra rain, we have “ponds” forming all over the place.  If you look closely, you can see ducks wading around the pond below the starfruit tree.  The thing is, we don’t actually have a pond below the starfruit tree.


Jingle found a nice warm place to snuggle during the rain.  He prefers the outside even if its wet and cold.


Because it’s been raining for days, I haven’t gone into the garden much.  For the last few months, we’ve been picking beans.  Cowpeas to be exact.  David grew a number of varieties.  The black ones have done particularly well.  It’s best when drying the beans, to let the them dry on the vine.  Because of all the rain, that’s been hard, and unfortunately some of the beans have simply molded.  I cook a lot with dry beans, so it’s really been nice to grow our own.  I’ll be trying some new recipes with these and will let you know how that goes.  The beans on the right, are blackeyed peas, the most well known variety of cowpea.  They didn’t do as well as the other varieties, and had quite a bit of mold, but I managed to save some.



Author: Belle Chai

Farm girl wannabe, enjoying life on the Big Island. We have a small five acre farm along the Hamakua coast. While we have a few crops we grow to sell, we are trying to create a self sustaining lifestyle on our little piece of paradise. I set up this blog initially to help me keep track of different things we grow and how well they’re doing, but recently decided to go public with it. I enjoy reading other hobby farm sites, and thought sharing our story a little might inspire others as they have inspired me.

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