Mountain Apples


It’s June, and that means Mountain apple season.  We have two varieties – a white and a red. They’re mild in flavor, and refreshing on a hot summer day. There are some really large red apples currently growing on the tree.  We have quite a few this year which is exciting. I recently found out that mountain apples were a canoe plant. Polynesians brought the seed to Hawaii and established the plant here. The bark and leaves can be used for various medicinal purposes. The flower looks very similar to the Ohia flower and share a similar name Ohia ai. The red apple has a bright pink flower and the white has a white flower.


Author: Belle Chai

Farm girl wannabe, enjoying life on the Big Island. We have a small five acre farm along the Hamakua coast. While we have a few crops we grow to sell, we are trying to create a self sustaining lifestyle on our little piece of paradise. I set up this blog initially to help me keep track of different things we grow and how well they’re doing, but recently decided to go public with it. I enjoy reading other hobby farm sites, and thought sharing our story a little might inspire others as they have inspired me.

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