Fourth of July Weekend!

blue ginger IMG_0199_2 IMG_0209 IMG_0198_2 IMG_0205_2 IMG_0208_2It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted for a whole month; I’m missing my goal of once a week.  A lot can happen on a farm in a month.  Our coffee is just starting to turn red; it’s even earlier than last year.  There isn’t a lot, but it’s a sign of what’s coming.  Most of the baby ducks have their feathers and my husband has put them in the holding area down in the farm; they just need to be a little bigger before we let them out – big enough so the mongoose will leave them alone.  We’ve mowed down another row of asparagus, and picked a bunch this morning.  Asparagus grows so fast, you can pick in the morning and again in the late afternoon.  Our cashew tree is really going off this year.  We’ll have enough to actually process some this year.  I didn’t realize what a production cashews are, so you really have to have enough to actually make it worth while.  My blue ginger is really blooming this year too; it’s so pretty.  It’s been really hot lately, so we’ve been enjoying the pool a lot which is nice.