While our seasons may not seem to vary much, there are definitely different cycles each year.  One of my husband’s goals was to plant a variety of avocados with different seasons so that we would have avocados year round.  This may be the year that actually happens!  I took a bunch of pictures in the garden this morning- we have blackberries, tons of bananas, pineapples are starting to turn ripe, tomatoes are getting bigger … not to mention the animals.  We’re babysitting our daughter’s dog, he is still in the puppy stage and he can’t get enough of all the farm has to offer.  Too bad he wouldn’t just stick with outside stuff as I’ve lost a new pair of shoes (he chewed both), he’s working on some outdoor furniture as I write, and our windows are filthy from him trying to get in the house.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re letting him in the house, but not after he’s jumped into the various water features around the farm … which is pretty much all the time.  The baby ducks that we decided to keep caged for their safety are growing well.  We have a caged area in the garden we keep them in during the day, and bring them up to the house at night.  We’ve already lost half of them, so this is the only way we insure the mongoose won’t get them.  Just a few more weeks, and they’ll be ready to get out on their own.  Today is a beautiful day, sunny, no rain.  It’s a perfect start to a weekend. lemon drop mangosteen unripe blackberries blue ginger blackberries dragonfruit flowers lilikoi flowers baby ducks tomatoes


Author: Belle Chai

Farm girl wannabe, enjoying life on the Big Island. We have a small five acre farm along the Hamakua coast. While we have a few crops we grow to sell, we are trying to create a self sustaining lifestyle on our little piece of paradise. I set up this blog initially to help me keep track of different things we grow and how well they’re doing, but recently decided to go public with it. I enjoy reading other hobby farm sites, and thought sharing our story a little might inspire others as they have inspired me.

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