Kalo (Taro)

IMG_0099 IMG_0101 IMG_0114We have a few different taro patches in our garden – some grown in water, some are dryland.  Most of the time, we’re either making poi out of it, or steaming it and then frying it in coconut oil and garlic, which is delicious.  We made kulolo out of the last batch of taro we picked.  It’s a process, not hard, just time consuming.  The cooking time is quite lengthy.  Traditionally it’s cooked in an imu (an underground oven), and while we have one preparing the imu for cooking is a lengthy process as well.  So we made it in the oven.  It took 4 hours to cook.  It supposed to cool for one full day, but my husband can barely wait an hour to properly let it cool, so we’ve never waited a whole day.  I’m not sure if letting it properly cool would make a difference in the final product, and I guess I’ll never know (unless of course I make it while my hubby is gone).  The best way to describe is kulolo is say it’s a firm pudding.  It’s got a honey/coconut/taro test.  If you’ve never had taro it’s hard to describe.  While some people don’t like taro or poi, most people do like kulolo.  Hopefully this batch came out good.  We’ll see shortly.


Author: Belle Chai

Farm girl wannabe, enjoying life on the Big Island. We have a small five acre farm along the Hamakua coast. While we have a few crops we grow to sell, we are trying to create a self sustaining lifestyle on our little piece of paradise. I set up this blog initially to help me keep track of different things we grow and how well they’re doing, but recently decided to go public with it. I enjoy reading other hobby farm sites, and thought sharing our story a little might inspire others as they have inspired me.

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